A World Filled With Love

Love knows no boundaries


My heart goes out to all the people who live in fear of the safety of their families. From those who fill our history books to those still alive today who have ever lived in fear, those who have feared being ostracised for being the minority, to those born into circumstances that have been out of their power to alter, those who were born “different”, those who did not come from a privileged background, to the people who have been discriminated against for not fitting into a certain ideal. I want you to know that regardless of the circumstances beyond your control, you are loved. Regardless of your ethnicity, the colour of your skin, your religious beliefs, sexual orientation, your physical stature, regardless of the way you look, whether you suffer with physical or mental heath issues; you are loved. Love is universal; it knows no bounds. Every human being with a heart is capable of love.

May all the hatred and evil harboured in the world be brought to an end. May the darkness that shrouds the light be banished from existence. In this day and age, it is abhorrent that people must still live in the fear of expressing their love for the people they do – be it those of the opposite or same sex, same or different ethnicity – that there are still people so evil in the world they would want to segregate others for what is beyond human control. It is not those who fill the world with love who are the problem; it is those who fill the world with hatred. May love always conquer hate and violence never be the answer. May people see that it is not right to resort to violence, and for the love of all that is good and just, may violence be brought to an end. May the people of the world see the evil in treating others as outcasts, in hurting others, in causing pain. There are enough issues in the world that impede human growth without bringing violence and hatred to the table.

If you do one thing today, and every day for the rest of your existence, may you show others love and kindness. Whenever you feel that you are a failure, or do not meet society’s ideas of physical perfection, when you feel that you are not capable of material success, try to fill the world with love. When you feel down and disheartened, whenever you feel powerless, know that if you can love you are impenetrable. Because in showing love you are already doing more than many people are capable of; and that is a super power in itself.

Wishing you love, light and laughter,

Shannon x


The following is an original poem written by me – I hope you enjoy reading.


I grew up among the fairies and pixie dust,

Where everything once seemed within reach,

Where nothing seemed implausible,

And having faith is what they’d teach,

I came from a place where peace

Seemed the simplest thing to achieve,

Where you did not judge and were not judged

Based on what others would perceive

I blossomed with the mindset

That into their aspirations one grew,

And dreams were always big enough

They would easily be grown into,

A world filled with enchantment and magic

Was only ever a step away,

And one could await a new adventure

Every single day,

As I continued to grow I began to notice

The blatant cracks in my reality,

The sky no longer blue, the sea no longer clear

As they had always seemed to be,

My faith that good would be triumphant

And everything would be okay

Began to waver, began to falter,

And I gradually felt it slip away,

I began to realise that sometimes

People were not all inherently kind,

That people hurt and people lie,

And deceive as though you were blind,

Suddenly the world I knew

Seemed such a fragile entity,

It no longer stood invincible,

No longer unfettered and free,

I grew skeptical and questioned

The intentions that others had,

I felt the pain of those suffering,

All I want is to erase the bad,

I came from a place where love

Was only ever a step away

I did not expect it to leave me in shambles

And refuse to ever stay,

I am no longer that little girl

Who wishes for world peace every birthday year,

I am no longer blindly faithful,

I see past the veneer,

Whatever happens to that child-like wonder?

That vigour for everything the world has to give

When it seems to vanish from within you,

Within whom does it now live?

My once unadulterated world

Seen through eyes young and pure,

Has been mistreated, is now plagued,

Could someone find a cure?

Why did my world disintegrate?

Why did hope perceptibly fade?

Did it slowly become like this,

Or was this how it was made?

Deep down I still clutch the hope,

That we can reach a better place,

Despite the broken spirits,

And adversities we may face,

I grew up in a place where daylight

Outshone darkness from every side,

Where our love was everlasting,

Where love never died,

Perhaps one day we’ll learn

To value heart over vanity and greed,

And rise above the hurt,

Never lie or ever mislead,

The unscathed world I came from

Was not an illusion; it was real,

One day when forgiveness is mastered,

May our wounds ultimately heal,

I came from a place where love

Was only ever a step away,

We’ll find it again, it may not be perfect,

But it will return to us one day.


By Shannon Feetham, June 2016


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Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks – Worth The Fuss? Review and Swatches: Bold Shades

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Like anyone else who is at all interested in makeup, or is an Instagram user, or on social media in general I have witnessed the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks’ ascent to the forefront of the beauty community. In a cosmetic industry where matte liquid lipstick is all the rage at the moment, the variety by Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a highly popular choice. The line has only been on the market for around a year and a half but is already expanding quickly, with the launch of his “Skin Frost” highlighters and “Beauty Killer” eyeshadow palette on the 25th of May, and the prompt sell out of his liquid lipsticks soon after every restock. As any curious makeup fanatic, I was keen to try his lipstick formula myself. With all the hype around the product, one cannot help but wonder: is it really worth the fuss? I have accumulated several of the shades, and today I am going to show the bolder ones of my collection: Unicorn Blood, Dominatrix and Anna Nicole.

First a word about liquid lipsticks. There has been almost an infectious trend for this particular makeup product that has only grown over the past couple of years, with virtually every makeup brand keen to release their take on the product. Over the past few years the modern matte lip has become increasingly popular, and increasingly more matte. Everyone seems to be going potty over the long wear lip formula and matte finish seen on makeup artists and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner who has also, along with many other brands, capitalised on the trend and released her own line of liquid lipsticks. Despite the huge trend they have become they are not entirely without their cons; liquid lipsticks are notoriously drying, are not easily reapplied, and if you don’t find the right variety, they can chip off and leech all moisture from your lips.

I recall a few years back when the MAC retro matte lipstick finish was released and the coveted “Ruby Woo” was considered the most matte lipstick on the market. Today, however, there are some even more matte lipstick formulas that make Ruby Woo seem almost semi matte in texture. Another problem that seems to arise when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks is their ability to emphasise lines and wrinkles in the lips. Due to their lack of moisturising properties, they will inevitably settle into lines, and will tend not to apply as smoothly as a regular cream variety. The only people whom I can imagine escaping the wrath of the wrinkly lip are those ladies and gents out there with perfectly, almost unnaturally smooth, plumped lips; namely, those with lip fillers. Many times we will find ourselves wondering why our liquid lip does not seem to appear as smooth as those girls on social media, with their line free, luscious lips. We have to remember, ladies, that many of the photos shared to social media have been retouched and many of beauty influencers have undergone procedures such as lip fillers in order to achieve such a plump, line-free pout. So please do not feel disheartened if you find you cannot achieve the same look.

All embracing, I personally prefer pairing a long wear lip liner with a regular lipstick to a liquid lipstick, if I want to achieve a long lasting lip colour. However, I do enjoy experimenting with makeup, and trying new colours and finishes, and I do love the look that you can achieve with a matte liquid lip. I have tried out a hefty number of liquid lip formulas, some I have absolutely adored while others I have been disappointed by, and (spoiler alert) the Jeffree Star formula is among the best I have tried.

From left to right: Anna Nicole, Unicorn Blood, Dominatrix

One of the first lipsticks I purchased from Jeffree Star was cult favourite Unicorn Blood. I bought this around Autumn time because I thought it would be very fitting for the season. It is a deep brown-toned burgundy lipstick, described on the website as a “dark rusty matte red”. The formula applies like a liquid, as is of a much thinner consistency than other formulas on the market such as those from Stila, which are more mousse-like. Once applied, it dries matte and lasts for a lengthy amount of time before wearing off. I’d say I can achieve around 5 to 6 hours of even wear before the colour begins to wear off. When it does, it does chip slightly and peel off but not as badly as other formulas I’ve tried. Some of the shades have a stronger scent to them, which I initially thought of as being quite like some type of medicine for children, although I believe Jeffree Star mentioned the scent was root beer float.

final (5)
Wearing Unicorn Blood with minimal makeup on the rest of the face – I am not topless btw, just wearing an off the shoulder top 😉

The colours apply opaque and can be easily built upon, unlike some formulas on the market which tend to wear quite patchy if layered. The lipsticks provide an even application which can be difficult to come across, especially for dark shades of lipstick. I did not use a lip liner in the photo in an attempt to get the most accurate representation of the colour (which seems in vain, seeing as the photo quality is so poor anyway), but I would suggest lining the lips beforehand to make the job far easier, especially when working with such opaque, bold colours.

Dominatrix is a very dark brown, deep chocolate shade. Although not the most conventional colour, brown lips have increased in popularity as of late, and this shade is quite the statement. And yes, you best believe I have worn it out. In fact, I have worn all of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks on long nights out, many times when I have pulled all nighters, through dancing and heat, and they all lasted considerably well, given the circumstances.

Anna Nicole is a fiery orange-red. This is one of the most recent of my purchases and I’m looking forward to wearing this a lot during the summer months. I love the effect a bright lip can give with minimal makeup on the rest of the face and tanned skin, although I think this shade would look equally beautiful on fairer skin tones than myself as well as very deep skin tones.

final (3)final (4)

Stay notified for my next blog post which will be up in a couple of days, where I will be showcasing the more everyday, neutral, wearable shades from the Jeffree Star line, including fan favourites such as Doll Parts, Androgyny and Celebrity Skin.

I understand this was a lengthy blog post, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic as well as review the product. If you did get through the entire post, however, I really appreciate it; my next beauty post will certainly not be quite as chatty as this one.

Wishing you love, light and laughter,
Shannon xx

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