First blog post

Allow me to introduce myself…


Hi there!
Well I suppose I should properly introduce myself: my name is Shannon. I am currently nearing the end of my first year studying Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University. I am originally from Gibraltar but moved to Sheffield to study at university.
I created a blog a long while back with the intention of finding one particular theme to base my blog around, but frustratingly I could never seem to decide upon just one. Because of this, I allowed the idea to gradually wither away into crevices at the back of my mind.
I am exceedingly passionate about writing, and so I keep finding myself simply opening up word upon word document on my laptop, and note upon note on my phone to write down whatever I am feeling particularly zealous about at the time. These notes however, just get lost in the sea of hundreds of notes and applications that we keep in our mobile devices, while my word documents have been obscured among the Uni assignments and reports. I have no true way of chronologically documenting and organising my thoughts. Like so many aspects of my life, there is no order to these written down musings, and if there is one thing I’m hoping to improve going forward is introducing some structure into my life. And so here I decide that in writing a blog my aim is to turn my thoughts, my goals and daily life into something tangible, written down and ordered.
The truth is, my whole personality is a discrepancy; I will never adhere to just one category of something because I am simultaneously so many things all at once. This could have come into play in not being able to choose only one topic for my blog; how can I limit myself to one thing when my life is an intricate concoction of so many? While I am a science and engineering student and I am taught to think mathematically, I also possess a creative, ever-wandering mind. If I wouldn’t have chosen to study Engineering, while other people in my position might have opted for another Math’s or science-related degree, I would have probably opted for English literature. If you know me, you’ll know I have trouble complying with rules or instructions; for some reason I am always compelled to just do things the way I feel, and not the way I’ve been told. I take my own route and follow my intuition, yet I subconsciously I suppose I add in some degree of reasoning with the decisions I make. I could write a whole novel about all the twists and turns in my character, but we shall not delve into that for the moment; perhaps you will be able to assimilate these traits as time progresses and we get to know one another to a deeper degree. I have been told on a number of occasions that I am not easy to read; and I do concede I can tend to be difficult to fully comprehend. Perhaps starting my blog can be my attempt to be more clearly undertsood. Anyway, I digress.
I hope my blog can be a creative outlet where I can just allow my thoughts to flow freely. I am undertaking several journeys in my life at the moment, and I’d love for you to join me as I go down my path.
My blog will primarily consist of beauty and lifestyle posts. Some topics you can expect from me:
Daily life – from holidays to trips and places I visit, family and friends
Getting back on track with my fitness (which I have neglected for far too long)
My transition to veganism – now that I have moved out on my own I am beginning to realise the importance of nutrition. Since beginning university I have gained 7kg, which I am not necessarily upset about (I am not overweight by any means) but I have gained it as a result of a very poor diet, a lot of processed foods and my struggle with binge-eating (which is a whole separate topic in itself). Becoming vegan is something I have always had a keen interest in, but I would like to get myself to a healthy routine with food as I do so.
My outlook on life topics, and general advice I would give to girls or guys (I can justly say I have been through my fair share of life experiences for a 19-year-old; I have been through a lot, but this has really enabled me to empathise with many situations and give my sincere opinion. I find people often approach me for advice; perhaps because I am frank and honest and they know I will give my genuine outlook). I hope that, in some way you find me relatable and I can show you that beyond the darkness there’s always a ray of light, and that I can be something of a friend to you.
Beauty and fashion – this is a topic I really enjoy. I am a self-professed makeup lover and have always been engrossed by the way one can express themselves through their personal style and fashion sense. I’d love to share my favourite beauty products, tips, reviews and outfit ideas. I am also on the pursuit of finding a skin care routine that will work to combat the severe bout of acne that has recently crept up on me.
And so my dear, I could go on all day but this post is already long enough as it is.
I hope you that you will follow me and that my blog will somehow be more than just a chronological documentation of my thoughts. Perhaps I might be able to reach those of you with the same interests, struggles, aims, or hobbies I have. I look forward to beginning this journey with you.

Wishing you lots of love, limitless light, and endless laughter,
Shannon xxx

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